The Finish Line: Love, life, and nature in Vancouver (VIDEO)

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The Finish Line, by Vancouver-based, Mexico-born filmmaker Emanuel Ramos is a short film that shines a light on the natural and man-made landscape of Vancouver, and the myriad people that live in it.

Ramos got in to filmmaking three years ago, creating small landscape films to get a feel for the medium. For The Finish Line, he decided to branch out his format, utilizing the landscape shots he’s accustomed to, while tapping friends and acquaintances for small performances.

“I just wanted people to see how awesome Vancouver is,” Ramos told Vancity Buzz. “It’s a great city. The people, the landscapes, everything.”

Relatively new to the industry, Ramos said the film stretched his abilities and skills, but that the final result was well worth the work. Utilizing a combination of sweeping, drone-captured footage, energetic first-person shots and up-close personal, scripted sequences, The Finish Line juxtaposes the vibrant stillness of nature with the quiet emotion of a human life.

“I wanted to use the medium to portray all the stuff I like about Vancouver, and make it a story,” he said. “As beautiful a place as Vancouver is, it’s the people who live here that make it awesome.”

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