10 new dictionary food words let you really say a mouthful

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Feeling hangry? Hopefully there’s something snackable handy, until you can head out and grab a melty good grilled cheese, and maybe something with chocolate on top from the local cupcakery.

We’re not talking gibberish: These are some of the official food-focused words recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Considering the glut of food blogs, Instagram photos, and TV culinary competition shows, it’s no wonder our lexicons are expanding as fast as our waistlines.


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A lot of these words are actually pretty usable in a foodie city like Vancouver. When it’s Beer O’Clock there are plenty of local craft brews from which to choose, or we can opt to swill a selection from one of the up-and-coming B.C. cideries. (Okanagan oenophiles may prefer to wait for wine o’clock). We’ve got our fair share of cheffy foods and types, and we’re also due to get our very own Cat Café soon (YES!).

Here’s the awesomesauce list of 10 new food words that made it into the OED (and, no, awesomesauce isn’t actually edible):

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