Giant egg painted at Kitsilano intersection

Image: Kenneth Chan / Vancity Buzz

Here’s something that’s beyond unconventional: Local residents in Kitsilano have painted a giant egg mural at the intersection of a quiet residential street.

According to the City of Vancouver, the temporary on-street painting at the intersection of Trafalgar Street and West 5th Avenue required 65 per cent of local residents in the immediate area to agree on the concept.

Local artist and resident Vanessa Mackenzie spearheaded the art piece with the support of the Vancouver Foundation and the municipal government. Funding for the paint and art supplies was provided by the City’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program.

“The artwork provided an opportunity for local residents to gather and participate in the painting,” City spokesperson Jag Sandhu told Vancity Buzz. “The creation of street and wall murals add to neighbourhoods as they help to create landmarks, to demonstrate community identity and pride, and to enliven the area.”

“The projects are community led and aim to build community and bring vibrancy through collaborative public art. By involving the neighbourhood in the design and painting process, it allows for people to connect and engage with their neighbours.”

The giant egg mural is the third of five on-street murals planned for this year as part of a pilot project.

Image: Kenneth Chan / Vancity Buzz

Image: Kenneth Chan / Vancity Buzz

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