Concert Review: Twin Shadow lights up the Imperial during Night Rally Tour (PHOTOS)

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It was neon lights and nostalgic ’80s at the Imperial Wednesday night as Twin Shadow rolled through Vancouver as part of the Night Rally Tour.

Originally scheduled for April 24, Twin Shadow had to cancel his tour earlier this year after a serious tour bus crash in Denver. Several band members were injured, and Twin Shadow – aka George Lewis Jr. – had to have reconstructive surgery on his hand. But at the Vancouver stop, Lewis showed no signs of slowing down as his energy levels were high, and he seemed to play his guitar with ease.

With three studio albums and a recent mixtape, it was interesting to see what Lewis’ set would be like. The Brooklyn-based musician is known for mixing modern with retro, and the result is a welcomed wave of synths and beats, combined with dancey guitar riffs. Opening with “Five Seconds” got the crowd moving, and the flashing lights set the mood. “Castles in the Snow” soon followed, a track from Twin Shadow’s debut album “Forget.” Old favourites were certainly mixed in with the latest album “Eclipse” – and the title track was one of the newer jams included in Wednesday night’s set list.

A few Canadian border anecdotes, and a quick mention of the tour bus collision earlier this year, Lewis was often talking to the audience between songs. Rocking out in his leather jacket, with his rugged beard and shaggy hair, it was hard for some of us not to fall in love with Lewis – who is often compared to Lenny Kravitz, on a much younger and more newage hipster level. Side note: Lewis is actually dating Zoe Kravitz.

Nearing the end of the gig, the band had a brief exit before returning on stage to close with “Crazy” and “Forget.” Although the crowd was generally tame, Lewis and his band were nothing but charismatic from start to finish. Twin Shadow’s albums are three modern dance triumphs, and his stage performance combines them into a night of glow sticks and disco.

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Photos by Brandon Artis Photography. Connect with Brandon on Instagram at @_brandonartis.


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