Vancouver Models: Monique Ganderton

Monique Ganderton

Monique Ganderton is one of the hardest working stunt actors in the film industry. Born in Edmonton, Alberta she now calls Vancouver her home. Monique also jets between Malibu and Atlanta where she has mini ranches with her rescue dogs and horses.

Monique began her career taking the rare path of a model turned actor turned stunt woman. Acting with action is her dream job and she excels in it.


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Monique is currently shooting an (undisclosed) film in Montreal and battles Jesse Eisenberg in “American Ultra”, which hits theatres this August.

Other work include Smallville, The 100, Twilight Eclipse and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.

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Off screen her passion is to work with American Mustang Heritage Foundation to help protect, preserve and train American Mustangs for public adoption.

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For more information on Monique you can look her up at @Moganderton Twitter/Instagram and check out for more information.

Model – Monique Ganderton

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Photos by Torquille De Jonge


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