Vancouver Models: Claudia Bakehouse

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Claudia Bakehouse is a Vancouver based model and a part time hairstylist at Myne2 hair Spa. Working at the salon only for a short period of time she achieved 3 awards as best hairstylist in Delta.


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Born in Bristol England, she moved to Metro Vancouver at a very young age. After a few years of working at the hair salon, Claudia decided to follow her dream to start working on her modelling career.

Celeste Ziegler

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Currently she is competing in the Red Dragons next 2015 model contest. All votes are based on likes on the RDS Facebook page. Other than work, she loves to spend her time with family and friends.


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Thankful she lives in such a beautiful city, she tries to take advantage of exploring as much as she can. Whether it’s biking, hiking, running, road trips or camping. Claudia believes the only way to success is hard work and dedication and to always do what makes you happy.

Photos by Torquille De Jonge

Model: Claudia Bakehouse

Claudia Bakehouse

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