Vancouver-based helicopter pilot starts epic YouTube channel

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Bradley Friesen lives in Vancouver but spends most of his free time hovering above the mountains just north of our city. Why? His YouTube channel iamkokonutz that just launched can explain that to you better than we can.

Brad has been flying helicopters for years and in that time has filmed countless hours of breathtaking footage – and he’s finally decided to share that footage with the Internet. The videos that have appeared so far on his channel have been shot in crystal clear 4K footage.

His inaugural episode features skating on a stunning frozen black ice lake and heli hockey filmed with multiple helicopters. One thing is for sure, this YouTube channel will not be a boring one to subscribe to.

You may also recognize him from his appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2012 where he got all five Dragon’s buy in for his product Last Call or more recently in Molson Canadian’s #AnythingForHockey campaign.

Follow him here: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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