TransLink to stop washing buses due to water shortage

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If the bus you usually take looks a little grimier than normal, just remember it’s for good reason.

TransLink said they are doing their part to conserve water by suspending daily bus washings for the foreseeable future.

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The water used to wash the buses is mostly recycled, save for the final rinse, which uses fresh water.

Last week, TransLink reduced exterior bus washings to every other day, but now buses will only be washed in “exceptional circumstances.”

At the Vancouver Transit Centre, TransLink’s largest bus facility, 500 buses get washed each day, which will translate into daily water savings of 30,000 litres.

An unusually dry and hot summer has lead to reservoir levels dropping in Metro Vancouver to below average and the institution of stage two and three water restrictions.

Some parts of B.C. are in stage four water restrictions, the highest level the government currently has in place for extreme drought-like conditions.

The interiors of the buses will continue to be cleaned every day.

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