PM Harper and VP Biden meet in Vancouver before FIFA Women's World Cup Final


Just hours before Team USA and Team Japan take the field for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, a couple of world leaders met up to wish the teams good luck.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and United States Vice President Joe Biden sat down at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver, and had a few brief words.

“We have two great countries that are going to play this afternoon,” Prime Minister Harper said. “They’re both countries that are good partners with [Canada]. But in my personal view, there is no greater friend, neighbour and partner of Canada than our friend the United States, so I have a little bit of a bias going into the game this afternoon.”

“You might guess I have an overwhelming bias,” Vice President Biden said. “It’s always a pleasure to be in Canada. My home is the United States but I have an extremely warm place in my heart for Canada.”

“Canada is the most reliable, certain and consequential ally we have,” Biden added. “You’re not supposed to say that, but Canada is an incredible ally.”

Shawn O'Hara / Vancity Buzz

Image: Shawn O’Hara / Vancity Buzz

Shawn O'Hara / Vancity Buzz

Image: Shawn O’Hara / Vancity Buzz

Police escort outside the Fairmont Hotel.

Police escort outside the Fairmont Hotel (Image: Shawn O’Hara / Vancity Buzz)

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