Stage 3 water restrictions effective immediately for Metro Vancouver


UPDATE: Stage 3 water restrictions effective immediately according to Metro Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver has confirmed that starting Tuesday, Stage 3 water restrictions will come into effect.

Until further notice, watering lawns and washing cars will be prohibited.

Prohibited under Stage 3 water restrictions:

  • No watering lawns (both residential and non-residential)
  • No outdoor washing or rinsing of cars and pleasure crafts (boats), except for safety (windows, lights, licenses)
  • No watering cemetery lawns

Restricted under Stage 3 water restrictions:

  • Watering flowers and vegetable gardens, decorative planters, shrubs and trees – only if done by hand
  • Refilling private pools, spas, garden ponds

Click here for more information on what Stage 3 water restrictions mean.

Here are some tips on how to conserve water during the dry season.

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