Six individuals arrested for climbing a crane in North Vancouver


North Vancouver RCMP arrested six crane climbers in two different incidents last night and early this morning.

Police, firefighters and a technical rescue team arrived to West Queens Road near William Griffin Recreation Centre at 11:30 p.m. Constable Richard De Jong said that two male intoxicated individuals were climbing a crane in the construction site nearby, which prompted the police to arrest them.

Police were then called to the same site again at 2:20 a.m., where four intoxicated males were committing the same offence. The individuals were arrested as well.

Urban climbing — or “crane climbing” —has caught the attention of the public in other recent instances.

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Two different videos were released in the past months showing individuals climbing Vancouver’s Trump Tower, which led to an investigation by the Vancouver Police Department.

The incidents last night were of a similar tone.

“First instance thy were filming they actions We can assume they were going to share their actions on social media,” said Constable De Jong.

Police are using the incidents last night to remind people of the dangers of such acts.

“This is extremely dangerous and risk-taking behavour, especially when you’re under the influence,” said Constable De Jong.

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