Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, dies at 55


The video game community lost a legend late Sunday night as Satoru Iwata, President of video game heavyweight Nintendo, passed away following a battle with a bile duct tumour.

Iwata was first named President of Nintendo in 2002, where he lead the development of some of the companies most popular platforms, including the Wii and the DS. Before leading the company, he had a successful career as a game programmer, contributing to games like Balloon Fight, Earthbound and Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Loved amongst gamers alike for his idealistic dedication to the industry, which he believed should focus on “fun for everyone” above all things, Iwata is credited by many as ushering in the greatest critical commercial and critical successes experienced by the company.

Enthusiasts and industry professionals alike took to social media following the news, expressing their grief at the loss of the life-long gamer.

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