Man attacked on SkyTrain after BC Lions game

Image: Stephen Rees/Flickr

A Surrey man was attacked on a SkyTrain ride coming home from a BC Lions game early Saturday morning.

Kevin Deschutter was transiting from the winning game around 2 a.m. when a man wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey allegedly punched him in the head.

Deschutter was hit once on the left eye while riding the SkyTrain and then again on the head at the Edmonds Station platform, according to the CBC.

“He ran away as soon as he clocked me,” Deschutter told the CBC. “You’ll never find him.”

Deschutter was not taken to the hospital but he had a bloody head and was feeling foggy after the attack.

Surveillance footage will be sent to local law enforcement by transit police in order to identify the suspect. If no leads are found, photos will be released to the public.

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