Access to the internet is a human right, not a privilege says ACORN


ACORN, an independent group of low and moderate-income families, is calling on the CRTC to make the internet affordable and accessible to everyone, since they believe it is a right rather than a luxury.

The group wants to see high speed internet available for just $10 per month and have a petition going to try and get the CRTC’s attention.

Melody Skoco with ACORN told News1130 that people who are on disability like her can’t afford internet at home, and it makes day-to-day life difficult.

“Everybody needs Internet; it’s not just a social thing anymore,” she said. “You need it for banking and it’s usually online, if you’re looking for a job.”

“Nowadays, Internet is so important. It’s so essential.”

She says the price ACORN is proposing is within reason.

“[I think that’s] reasonable because a lot of us have kids and stuff, it’s really hard to afford anything higher than that.”

The group will be handing over the petition to the CRTC just ahead of their hearings on cheaper and faster internet.

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