Heroes Reborn trailer features shot of Vancouver's Stanley Cup riots

heroes reborn trailer vancouver

The San Diego Comic-Con that took place over the weekend brought many new things to the world of entertainment.

Trailers for Fear the Walking Dead, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman vs. Superman were released amongst many other exciting announcements.

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The Heroes Reborn trailer for its new mini series set to debut September 24 was also released. In a mix of scenes depicting crowds in chaos, its trailer uses a shot from the Vancouver riots.

The shot comes in around 1:36 seconds, and shows a flipped cop car burning the corner of Hamilton and Georgia streets, with the CBC Vancouver building behind it — all from the 2011 Stanley Cup riots.

The footage dates back from the riots, though signs held up by the crowds were altered to read things like “powers are evil” and “God hates Evos.” Though Canucks jerseys are still clearly recognizable in the shot.

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