Safety improvements proposed for Vancouver bike routes

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Proposed upgrades to Vancouver bike routes hope to reduce collisions, improve traffic, and make cycling in Vancouver safer for everyone.

The upgrades could cost $3-million and are a part of the Cycling Spot Improvement Program, which would see improvements made to pathways, roads, unsafe intersections, and traffic diversions. Many of the changes have already taken place and already $2-million is already committed for the project.

One of the proposed improvements would be the installation of a pedestrian/cyclist controlled traffic signal at the Adanac and Renfrew Streets intersection, along the Adanac Bikeway.

According to city officials, the Bikeway sees 1000 cyclists a day, and up to 5000 during the summer. The intersection itself is the widest unsignalized section of road along the path, and accommodates up to 15,000 vehicles daily.

More information on the improvements, and the ongoing plan to improve bike paths around the city, can be found on the City of Vancouver website.

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