Vancouver ranks low on best Canadian cities list

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Despite consistently ranking high in liveability indexes, Vancouver comes in low on a list of the best Canadian cities to live in. 

MoneySense ranked 209 cities in Canada based on their economic standing, and how easy and affordable it is to live in the city. Vancouver comes in at number 46.

Toronto slides in at number 35, while Montreal is far down on the list at number 161.

“We feel there is a strong correlation between the economics of a city and type of life you are able build there for your family. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful part of the country, away from sub-Arctic conditions, but we question how much you’ll be able to enjoy a city if you have to work all the time—or if you can’t find work at all,” the article states.

If you want to live in the city that comes in at number one, you’ll have to brush up on your French. Boucherville, Quebec takes the top spot, a small city with a population of just 43,000.

Top ten Canadian cities, according to the MoneySense list:

1. Boucherville, Quebec

2. Ottawa, Ontario

3. Burlington, Ontario

4. St. Albert, Alberta

5. Blainville, Quebec

6. Oakville, Ontario

7. Stratford, Ontario

8. Lévis, Quebec

9. North Vancouver, B.C.

10. Quebec City, Quebec

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