Vancouver Opera to reduce production to three weeks a year

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The Vancouver Opera announced today that they would be switching to a “festival format” starting in the Spring of 2017.

That means productions will be reduced from an eight month seasonal format to a concentrated festival that will last three weeks.

“In making this transition, the company is adapting to fluctuating demand and changing demographics in our community,” said Pascal Spothelfer, Chair of Vancouver Opera’s board of directors.

“Our traditional audience is diminishing, and the ways in which our new audiences enjoy cultural experiences are shifting. Vancouver Opera is staying ahead of the curve by evolving in response to these changes. By devoting resources to a concentrated, intensified cultural experience for our communities, we will bring increased awareness of opera to Vancouverites in an accessible and spirited festival atmosphere, while reducing annual operating expenses by 10 per cent.”

The new format will see three major productions taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, and its adjoining spaces.

The Vancouver Opera has been in operation since 1958 and has entertained more than 1.6 million people in 55 years.

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