Deadmau5 a celeb judge for Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts

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Remember when Tim Hortons teased us with the possibility of putting a Bacon Donut on the menu? Sadly, those dreams evaporated as quickly as that box of Timbits in the office breakroom. Now those dreams can be renewed: Timmies has launched their annual Duelling Donuts competition.

For the third year running, the Canadian donut chain is asking fans to submit their creations up for public voting, with the finals judged by a panel of celebs.


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This year’s judges panel is a mishmash of arts and culture figures with Canadian roots: deadmau5, Jann Arden, and Sophie Tweed-Simmons.

Arden is a returning judge, and she is looking forward to what Timmies fans come up with this year. In 2014, an impressive nearly 77,000 donut dreamers submitted ideas.

“Last year’s contest produced some deliciously creative entries, and I can’t wait to taste the donuts Canadians make this year,” said Arden in a press release.

Of course, since deadmau5 (née Joel Zimmerman) is judging, he can’t put forth any of his Tim Hortons test kitchen mouse-themed donuts he made earlier this year up for the duel. (Zimmerman is a longtime fan of Tim Hortons and considers the company a friend.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your recipe in the ring for a chance to cash in on the $10,000 prize.

Duelling Donuts runs from June 24 to July 21, 2015. In the meantime, last year’s winning donuts, “Love Reese to Pieces,” will be available for a limited time at Tim Hortons locations starting July 15. It’s a chocolate donut with a custard centre, an is covered in chocolate fondant and topped with chopped peanuts and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy. That donut was the lucky invention of Jennifer Brown of Glencoe, Ontario.

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