The Cookie Dining: Shaping the way Vancouverites order food online

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The Cookie Dining, one of the latest startups to emerge out of Vancouver, is changing the way we order food online. A secure, online food ordering system that saves time for both restaurants and their customers by seamlessly allowing food orders to come through a ‘Cookie’ printer, The Cookie Dining is specifically designed to take new orders fast and in real-time, without need for Internet connection.

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, the idea comes from Marko Manojlovic, who had two successful startups before moving to Canada. Manojlovic is now looking to make his third venture a successful one, breaking into the Vancouver market.

The feature-rich platform accepts credit card payments online directly to your bank account through The Cookie Gateway. Restaurant owners can connect unlimited number of locations with The Cookie Gateway, and get paid online, in real-time, directly to their bank account.
Restaurants who use The Cookie Dining also have the ability to set delivery zones, take-outs and advanced ordering options.

The Cookie Dining is a great tool for restaurants as it offers both behavioural and consumer analytics from customers orders. What are peak times customers are ordering? What’s your ordering demographic look like? The area you receive the most orders from? Cookie Dining is set to answer all those questions for restaurant owners and more.

“With our web, Facebook and mobile ordering predictions, restaurant owners will have access to data they can use to create a loyal customer base,” says Manojlovic.

The Cookie Dining can be found and used on branded mobile ordering apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phones, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Apple Watch and Android Wear with advanced push notifications and geo-zones. Currently, the company is partnered with popular Vancouver restaurants like La Taqueria and a deal is in the works with a big name restaurant entrepreneur, who owns a number of restaurants in Vancouver. “The goal is to expand very quickly and have our Cookie printer in every restaurant.”

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