Motorcycle owner fined $13,500 after bike was driven through Guildford Mall


On February 20, 2015 we reported police were searching for the suspect in a high-speed police chase that led RCMP after a motorcyclist through the streets of Surrey and right into Guildford Town Centre. Then, less than a month later, a video of the motorcyclist riding through mall and evading police surfaced online.

Now, the owner of that motorcycle – not the driver seen in this high speed chase – has been fined over $10,000 in tickets.


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A provision of the Motor Vehicle Act allows police to charge owners of vehicles with penalties, even though that owner may not have been present or in control of the vehicle at the time of the infractions.

Because of this law, the motorcycle owner is facing $13,500 in fines for 58 infractions, including excessive speed, failing to stop for police, running red lights and driving without insurance.

Police were never able to locate the suspect riding the motorcycle.

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