ER wait times on the rise in Fraser Valley

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The Fraser Health Authority released their annual hospital scorecard and the results show an increase in ER wait times.

In 2014, 38.2 per cent of patients went from emergency room wait areas to a bed in 10 hours or less. It has now dropped to 36.6 per cent.

Neither years reached their goal of 55 per cent.

“We recognize the need to improve our performance, to achieve our target and to provide higher quality of care to our patients,” states the report. “Recent results at the site level show that most hospitals are still performing below the set targets. Each site is monitoring performance on this indicator and has developed a plan for improvement.”

The report measures the time a patient waits from the moment they are registered or triaged to when they get set up with a bed.

According to the report, officials are working on ameliorating the problem: “[We are] monitoring our transfer processes and have identified opportunities for improvement. These opportunities include increasing communication and collaboration as patients move through the hospital.”

The full report can be found here.

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