Cactus Club plans to open 60 more locations in Canada, U.S.


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Cactus Club is the poster child for B.C.-born restaurant chains, and with an impressive 27 current locations, the business keeps growing.

In fact, Cactus Club has aims to more than double their presence not just in Canada, but also south of the 49th parallel.

At a recent event, the 26th annual BCBusiness Top 100 luncheon, Cactus Club founder Richard Jaffray indicated in an interview that the chain has reached a mere quarter of its Canadian growth potential.

There are plans for opening 60 new Cactus Club locations nation-wide, with at least 20 in Ontario, where the Toronto location is already under construction. Also underway is the Kelowna, B.C. location, which will open soon.

Once Canada is fully saturated by the chain’s Crispy Yam Fries and other signature dishes (many of which originate with Iron Chef-testant Rob Feenie), Cactus Club will likely turn to America, and, perhaps beyond.

As Jaffray tells BC Business: “I don’t think we’ll ever be done.”

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