70% of drivers use their smartphones behind the wheel

cell phone driving

A new study from AT&T shows that seven in 10 drivers use their smartphones while they drive.

Texting and emailing still top the list, but about four in 10 people use their phones for social media while they are driving, with 27 per cent on Facebook, 14 per cent on Twitter, 14 per cent on Instagram and 11 per cent on Snapchat.

The study found that most teenagers say it is normal among their friends to text and drive, but 78 per cent of teens are less likely to do it if their friends speak up.

The study is part of a campaign by the American phone service provider called “It Can Wait,” which aims to educate people about the dangers of using your phone while driving.

Distracted drivers in B.C. who are caught using their phones face hefty fines of $167.

What defines “distracted driving” may extend past cellphone use alone. A Vancouver Island woman was recently caught on video curling her hair while driving.

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