21-year-old charged in murder of well-known Langley homeless man

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The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has identified the suspect arrested Monday night in relation to the fatal stabbing at Langley’s Baselines Pub.

According to a statement from IHIT, 21-year-old David Christopher Van Den Brink was arrested Monday night after stabbing a homeless man, 37-year-old Wells Tony Gallagher.

Police say Van Den Brink was known to them and the attack appears to be targeted.

Gallagher was a common fixture in the Langley core, according to the Langley Times. He often spent time outside Starbucks, 7-Eleven and would walk around wearing black clothes and a trench coat.

The victim’s sister, Danielle, posted a message on the Langley Times website, stating that Gallagher struggled with mental health issues.

“He was gentle and sweet and suffered from schizophrenia,” said Danielle. “We have tried for years to get him help and we’re never able to get him off the street and on his medications. Our system is broken. He truly was a tender and sweet individual.”

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