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Jewel Staite is a born and bred Vancouver actress best known for her role as “Kaylee” in the cult hit “Firefly”. She starred as the chief of medicine in the locally filmed television series “Stargate: Atlantis”, as well as the CW’s “The L.A. Complex” which garnered her a position on the Must Watch list in Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Recently, Jewel starred as Holder’s lady love on “The Killing”, and she just produced her first feature, a romantic comedy called “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town”, where she also plays the starring role. Her next film “Personal Effects”, and the 3D rom-com feature “40 Below and Falling” are set to come out this fall. Jewel is proud to still call Vancouver her home base.

Model/Actress – Jewel Staite


Jewel Staite


Photos by Torquille De Jonge

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