Vancouver Island driver spotted curling hair behind the wheel (VIDEO)


Don’t you wish you could save time and get ready for work during your morning commute? It turns out, some people take this idea far beyond wishful thinking. A Vancouver Island driver witnessed just that this past weekend when they saw a woman curling her hair while behind the wheel.

The YouTube video of the bizarre spotting was first uncovered by Global BC Monday afternoon. According to the media outlet, the video was shot at 7:15 p.m. on Saturday on the Island Highway north of Nanaimo when one driver pulled up alongside a woman visibly curling her hair with a curling iron while driving.

Global BC’s witness claims the woman was driving about 90 km/hour and did not put her hands on the wheel once for at least 2.5 km.

The distracted driving incident, while not viable for a distracted driving ticket, would be classified as driving without due care.

What kinds of strange distracted driving cases have you spotted on the road?

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