The Juice Truck and Native team up on a cool pair of shoes

The Juice Truck x Native Shoes (Photo courtesy Native Shoes)

Smoothies, juices, and healthy snacks, sure, but who would have thought The Juice Truck‘s latest project would be a pair of shoes? The Vancouver juice shop has teamed up with Native Shoes for a special edition pair of kicks.

Designed by Vancouver’s award-winning design firm Glasfurd & Walker, the custom print was “inspired by tropical plants, fruit, 80s floral prints and the Vancouver rain,” according to the shoe company.

Native Shoes are the super-trendy and comfy footwear made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). This globally-popular brand was launched in 2009, and is headquartered in Vancouver.


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Zach Berman of The Juice Truck says their pair-up with Native Shoes came about quite organically. “Juicing is a messy job and our team was always complaining about how quickly they were ruining their shoes. With some of the lines of Native, you can hose down your shoe after work and they always look brand new. Problem solved,” explains Berman.

Soon, all the Juice Truck-ers were wearing Native Shoes. “[The shoes] became part of our uniform,” adds Berman. “Completely unintentionally, [Native] created the perfect shoe for Juicers.”

The next step was to follow up in line with The Juice Truck’s love for “unconventional ideas” that reflect “community and collaboration,” says Berman, who adds the shoe idea began as “a fun conversation.”

“Glasfurd & Walker came on to the project to design the shoe print. Inspired by our stores mood of perpetual summer, our city’s climate of continual rain, and our collaborative ethos of fun, this shoe came to be. A shoe fit for any juicer, made for everyone,” remarks Berman.

The limited edition shoes will be available at El Kartel and Walrus as well as at the Juice Truck Store in the Men’s and Women’s Verona silhouette.

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