City gives green light to Prospect Point summer concert event

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The Vancouver Park Board has voted in favour of an inaugural Clean Up the Ocean Concert at Prospect Point in Stanley Park on July 4, 2015, featuring live DJs, bands and food.

The green-minded event is organized by the Upcycle the Gyres Society, an international environmental non-profit group that works to clean up plastic waste from the oceans and transforms it into revenue-generating resources. The summer concert will contribute funds for the purchasing, installation and operation of plastic-to-fuel machines in remote coastal communities, along with research and development of plastic pollution recovery technologies.

Clean Up the Ocean was approved during the May 11 Park Board meeting and is supported by the City’s FEST Committee. The event will take place on Saturday, July 4 from 1 to 8 p.m. at the Prospect Point picnic area, with a capacity for 800 guests.

The ticketed event, priced at $50 a ticket, will include performances from live DJs and musical acts as well as vendor kiosks, booths and food services. Details of the concert line-up have not yet been announced.

Image: City of Vancouver Park Board

Image: City of Vancouver Park Board

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