B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone ticketed for speeding

Image: Todd Stone via Facebook

B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone has been slapped with a fine for speeding to catch a ferry.

The cabinet minister and MLA for Kamloops-South Thompson was with his family three weeks ago when he was pulled over by police and fined $196.

He was caught driving 29 km/h faster than the 80 km/h speed limit on the highway towards the Swartz Bay ferry terminal near Victoria.

Stone did not dispute the fine and has paid for it in full.

Last summer, the Transportation Minister implemented new speed limits for select B.C. highways, increasing posted speed limits up to 120 km/h. This includes raising the maximum speeds on the Sea-to-Sky Highway from 90 km/h to 100 km/h.

Sea to Sky Highway 99 Whistler Squamish / Shutterstock

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In B.C., speeding fines are based on how fast you are driving over the limit and where:

  • Highways and municipal roads:
    • 1 – 20 km/h: $138
    • 21 – 40 km/h: $196
    • 41 – 60 km/h: $368
    • 61+ km/h: $483
  • School, playground and construction zones:
    • 1 – 20 km/h: $196
    • 21 – 40 km/h: $253
    • 41 – 60 km/h: $368
    • 61+ km/h: $483

Most ICBC-enforced fines can be reduced by $25 if paid within 30 days.

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