Jealousy led woman to put super glue in infant nephew's ears

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Authorities in Richmond have released details about a troubling 2013 case involving a Richmond woman who put super glue in her newborn nephew’s ears.

The Richmond RCMP says that the incident took place in early February 2013, when the seven-week-old boy was rushed to the hospital when his parents could not determine what was causing him to wail. The examining doctor found “mysterious residue” with a “chemical like smell” on the infant’s ears, which was eventually determined to be super glue which was blocking the baby’s ear canals.

The baby boy’s aunt, a 30-year-old Chinese national named Wei Wang, had deliberately put the glue inside the newborn’s ears.

The glue had to be removed by surgery, and the case turned into “a lengthy criminal investigation.” The Richmond RCMP adds:

“As investigators dug deeper, a bizarre tale unfolded of deceit, jealously, and the cultural pressures to conceive male offspring.”

Wang was ultimately convicted on December 5, 2014 of one count of Aggravated Assault.

Cpl. Chris Tarasoff calls this incident “a bizarre, yet extremely sad case.” Tarasoff emphasizes that the Richmond RCMP has “zero tolerance towards any types of crimes against children.”

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