Sea-to-Sky Highway needs repairs only five years after completion


A five-year-old portion of the Sea-to-Sky Highway is in need of repairs already.

A retaining wall along the highway near Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver needs repairing only five years after the stretch of road was completed in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

According to Transportation Minister Todd Stone, the current wall does not pose any safety threats, despite its location above a steep cliff and train tracks below.

The Vancouver Sun reports that NDP MLA for North Island, Claire Trevena, is concerned the $600 million highway was built with shortcuts.

Taxpayers will not have to fund the repairs as private contractor Peter Kiewit and Sons will be footing the bill.

The location of the wall is just north of the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal running parallel to Pasco Road. On average, 13,800 people drive the highway between Horseshoe Bay and Squamish per day.

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