Knights of Dunsmuir: Todd Hancock Talks Rockn'Roll


Knights of Dunsmuir is back again for another ruckus episode. This week we are joined by former 99.3 CFOX afternoon host Todd Hancock.

Todd joins Trevor and Jayme in the AMP Records studio and shoots on life after radio and jumping into the podcasting realm with his new show Toddcast Podcast.

The beer will be flowing as we talk Rockn’Roll stories, music, and family life as the former number one radio host holds nothing back.

Make sure to check out his website and give the Toddcast Podcast a listen. Vancouver Podcasting is alive and well with Todd’s show and Knights of Dunsmuir. Add both shows to your Itunes list.

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So without further ado Knights of Dunsmuir gives you Todd Hancock.

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