Hello Kitty dim sum hits Hong Kong, is Vancouver next?


Vancouver’s dim sum game is pretty strong, but it doesn’t really qualify as cute. But thanks to the launch of Hello Kitty-themed dim sum food at one Hong Kong restaurant, suddenly dim sum is freaking adorable.

Kotaku says the new restaurant “offers an array of food shaped like the iconic cat character,” adding: “Most of the dishes look like Kitty-chan inspired dim sum, putting a cuted-up spin on Cantonese food. There are also rice and noodle meals.”


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The devil, or in this case the sweet-faced cat-who-isn’t-a-cat, is in the details, reports the L.A. Times: “Order the har gow, and a traditional metal steamer is presented with four shrimp dumplings with a translucent noodle wrapper, decorated with two black dots for eyes, whiskers, a yellow nose and a pink bow.”



Custard-filled buns are made in the shape and image of the kawaii Miss Kitty’s face, rice is molded into a Hello Kitty shape, and even the little veggies are cut up oh so cutely. The last couple of tricks are seen in the food served on Eva Air’s special Hello Kitty airline‘s meal service, as those obsessed with Hello Kitty probably already know.

A couple of years ago Vancouver even had macarons shaped like Hello Kitty.

Here’s a video with a look inside the restaurant:

So, what do you think? Do we need Hello Kitty dim sum in Vancouver? In the meantime, if you feel like traveling for dim sum, a trip to Richmond is pretty easy to do, just BYOHK.

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