Explosives used to demolish old Port Mann Bridge (VIDEOS)

Image: Bill Spill via YouTube

Some Surrey residents were startled by Monday morning’s controlled-explosive demolition of one of the final remaining segments of the old Port Mann Bridge structure.

The explosion occurred at 3:30 a.m. on the Surrey side of the Fraser River. The deconstruction of the 1964-built, five-lane bridge has been a slow, piecemeal process since the adjacent new bridge opened in December 2012.

The last explosive demolition performed by crews was in November 2014 to tear down one of the structure’s concrete footings.

Meanwhile, work is still being performed on the new toll bridge, which recorded an average of 96,900 crossings per day in January 2015. All 10 lanes on the new structure should be open later this spring.

Warning: the video contains foul language 

We had to stop mining to watch this shit!! #fireinthehole #portmannbridge #mcnally #ilovemyjob

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