Abbotsford parents could have to pay 50% more for kids to take school bus

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The Abbotsford School District is mulling over a 50 per cent increase for school bus fees, to help offset a projected $5-million deficit.

But for the wheels on the bus to keep going round and round in Abbotsford, parents may be forced to pay more – a lot more.

Superintendent Kevin Godden says to cope with a $3.5-million budget shortfall, parents could be asked to pay $300 a year per student for transportation, up from $200.

“We have hardship policies within the district and so most of these families who can’t afford it, we are certainly not going to present such a barrier that they are not going to be transported to school,” Godden said.

It’s also proposing a five per cent increase in international tuition fees.

The board will approve its budget on May 5.


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