VCB Hockey Podcast: the Omarcanuck Show - feat. Rhys Jessop & Hosea Cheung


Faithful Omarcanuck Show listeners – the podcast is back. This one’s dedicated to all of you who asked when the next episode was coming – there were at least five of you (one was my sister).

OK, but seriously, it’s a good episode. Not because of me and Aly, but because of Canucks Army’s Rhys Jessop, former Canucks beat-writer Hosea Cheung, and our podcast’s MVP, you, the listeners. (really, because we need your tweets to keep it interesting)

Rhys analyzes the Western Conference teams going into the playoffs, and he breaks down the Canucks’ and their chances. Hosea tells us about life in China and his thoughts on this year’s Canucks.

Hope you enjoy it.

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