New IKEA furniture will charge your mobile device


Everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture company will soon unveil a new range of furniture that will wirelessly charge your mobile devices.

IKEA’s Home Smart collection will use Qi technology on lamps, coffee tables and bedside tables to charge compatible mobile devices. There are more than 80 Qi compatible mobile devices currently on the market, however many need a case or coil receiver to pick up wireless charging, including all iPhone and Samsung models.

“The IKEA Wireless charging collection is part of a long term commitment called Home Smart in which IKEA strives for new innovative solutions for a better life at home. When developing the Wireless Charging collection, new but available technology has been used to meet people’s needs of outlets and chargers beyond the fixed ones in homes or work environments,” the company stated in a press release.

The new line of high-tech furniture will be available in North America and the U.K. in April 2015, followed by a later global roll-out.



IKEA wireless

Images: IKEA



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