Langara College adopts Meatless Mondays on campus


Vancouver’s Langara College will become the first campus in Western Canada to formally adopt a Meatless Monday eating program.

Starting Monday, March 30, 2015, Langara will join the ranks of other high-level Canadian universities on the east coast, like McGill and Dalhousie, and a host of schools in the U.S. and abroad, who are supporting increased vegetarian and vegan school meal options.


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Chartwells is Langara’s food service provider. They met with the Langara Earth Stompers club earlier this month, according to The Langara Voice. “We want things like less eggs, less cattle and alternatives for milk,” Adam Kelliher, the club’s leader, told the campus publication.

Meatless Mondays at Langara was also encouraged by the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS).

“Meatless Monday is an incredibly popular initiative that resonates with people from all walks of life because it is an easy, positive way for each of us to make a meaningful difference for animals, our health, and the planet,” said Anna Pippus, special projects director for the VHS.

Not all food vendors on campus will be meatless on Mondays, but some are working out ways to promote meat-free alternatives on Monday or other days of the week, like Triple O’s, who will promote their veggie burger.

“The Vancouver Humane Society commends Chartwells at Langara for responding to student concerns about the impact our food choices have on the world. Chartwells has demonstrated industry leadership in putting Meatless Monday on the menu,” said Pippus.

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