Cold Brew Coffee coming to Starbucks Canada

Cold Brew (Photo courtesy Starbucks)

Stepping up to the global trend, Starbucks is adding Cold Brew Coffee to their permanent roster in select Canadian locations.

Cold brew differs from the iced coffee you can currently order up at Starbucks (which, let’s face it, is just coffee that’s put in the fridge), and the difference starts with the beans.

Starbucks will be using a freshly-ground special Cold Brew Blend that is slowly steeped with cool water for 20 hours in a device called a Toddy Brewer. What heat does for the regular brewed cup of joe is replaced by what time does in a cold brew.

According to Starbucks Canada, their Cold Brew Blend features “carefully blended high-quality varietals from Latin America and Africa” that will deliver “a flavour profile of light chocolate balanced by citrus notes for a full-bodied smooth taste experience.”

Because it’s such a specialty, Starbucks Canada will only be making Cold Brew in small batches (30-40 orders worth) at 130 locations across downtown Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Cold Brew has become a major trend among coffee lovers in the U.S. and Canada, showing up at farmers’ markets, independent cafes, and artisanal food events in increasing quantities in recent years. Starbucks in the U.S. has been quietly testing their product since last year in the Boston area.

Starbucks will launch Cold Brew at their select Canadian locations on March 31, 2015.

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