$2.5 billion B.C. transportation plan announced


Another $2.5 billion will be funnelled into transportation in the province of B.C. thanks to an announcement today by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The 10-year plan, called B.C. on the Move, focuses on developments and improvements for highways, roads and safety.

Of the $2.5 billion, $800 million will be spent in the next three years improving existing infrastructure and $1 billion toward expanding the network of highways.

Highlights from the plan’s priorities are listed in sequence below:

  • Rehabilitating highways, bridges and side roads
    • $380 million to resurface provincial highways
    • $180 million to repair and replace provincial bridges
    • $270 to improve the condition of provincial side roads
  • Improving highway safety
    • $75 million for a Road Safety Improvement Program
    • $30 million for intersection safety improvements
  • Improving highway capacity and reliability
    • $1 billion to ensuring network of highways has the capacity and reliability to meet transport and trade needs, with maximum safety and minimal delays and uncertainties
    • Including advance development of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project
    • Initiate design for future construction of six-laning on Highway 1 from Langley to Abbotsford
    • Plan and deliver highway interchange and overpass projects throughout the Lower Mainland
    • Construct highway widening, capacity, safety and operational improvements on provincial highways throughout the Lower Mainland
  • Delivering a provincial trucking strategy
  • Investing in transit
    • $312 million for BC Transit operating out side of Metro Vancouver
    • Fund one-third of the cost of new rapid transit projects, and the Patullo Bridge, provided they can be accommodated within the provincial fiscal plan and the investments are supported by a business case
    • Work with the region to secure federal funding for rapid transit
  • Investing in cycling
    • $18 million to build new bike lanes and trails throughout B.C.
  • Investing in airports
    • $24 million to the B.C. Air Access Program
  • Enabling efficient ports and rail
  • Sustaining and renewing ferries
    • pursue strategies to achieve the vision of an affordable, sustainable and efficient coastal ferry service
  • Building partnerships with First Nations
  • Improving accessibility
    • Partner with TransLink to make additional accessibility upgrades to SkyTrain stations, including adding new and improved elevators and escalators, and removing any barriers to movement
  • Protecting the environment
    • $6 million to conserve habitat and improve fish and wildlife protection
    • $3.9 million to deliver invasive plant management programs

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