Vancouver Models: Alyssa Bennett


Meet Alyssa Bennett. Living in Vancouver she works as a Certified Dental Assistant and has been in dentistry for 6 years. Originally going into dentistry to reciprocate the great memories and good vibes she had throughout her childhood when going to the dentist she has grown to love her work.

Modelling on the side throughout the years has also been on her radar, starting when she was just 18 accidentally landing her first magazine spread. Throughout the years she has done handfuls of magazines and music videos. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, going for hikes, working out, and spending time at the beach. Loving every aspect Vancouver has to offer. She hopes to continue to grow in modelling and dentistry. Who knows where you’ll see her next.

Model: Alyssa Bennett

Alyssa Bennett 6

Alyssa Bennett 5

Alyssa Bennett 4

Alyssa Bennett 3

Alyssa bennett 2

Alyssa Bennet 7

Photos by: Torquille De Jonge

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