Vancouver shouldn't bid for the Summer Olympic Games: B.C. poll

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Five years after the fact, a new poll by Insights West has found that British Columbians have a positive outlook on the province’s role of hosting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

In the survey, 69 per cent of residents believe it was “definitely” or “probably” worth it to host the 2010 Games while 27 per cent think the experience was not worth the effort.

When it comes to post-Games legacies, a sound majority of the province’s residents assert the 2010 Games had a positive effect on the City of Vancouver (80%), the entire Metro Vancouver region (75%), the Province of B.C. (78%) and Canada (75%).

Some of the best memories were the pride and camaraderie felt during the event (31%), the men’s and women’s ice hockey gold medals won by Team Canada (25%), the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (11%), and the Torch Relay and lighting of the Cauldron (9%).

Rendering of False Creek Olympic Mode

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However, when asked whether Vancouver should launch a bid to host the Summer Olympic Games, a majority of British Columbians were not supportive of the idea.

The survey indicated that 53 per cent believe Vancouver “probably should not” or “definitely should not” submit a bit to host the the quadrennial summer sporting event.

Such a proposal to bid for the Summer Games received just 37 per cent support, including 21 per cent of respondents from Metro Vancouver.

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