North Vancouver teacher pretended to shoot students, faces suspension

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A teacher from Lynn Valley Elementary in North Vancouver is on medical leave after being accused of making violent motions toward her students.

Lisa Nicole Niven is being disciplined and now facing suspension for pretending to shoot her students. The B.C. Teacher Regulation Board’s discipline decision states Niven was found “pointing her fingers like a ‘gun’, pointing them at a student, ‘firing’, and making the sound ‘poof’.” The decision states her gestures, occurring between September and December 2013, frightened the students in her three/four spit class.

Beyond the violent motions, Niven is also being disciplined for ripping up student art work and cursing at the students.

“Two male students were making story books, an activity which they were only allowed to do during free time, when their schoolwork was finished. Niven was providing instruction to her class and repeatedly asked the boys to put away the story books, but they did not listen to her. As a result, she took their story books, ripped them up and threw them out,” the discipline decision reads.

She also cursed under her breath in front of students, saying words like “shit”, “hell” and “idiots”, according to the Regulation Board.

Niven has been on full medical leave since January 30, 2014. The Teacher Regulation Board has issued an agreement with Niven stating that by June 1, 2015, she will complete conflict resolution courses or face suspension until the courses are completed.

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