Eddie Lack is all about that bass

Eddie Lack holding cards

Remember Jib Jab? It was popular several years ago because it let you put people’s faces in funny music videos. You’d put your friends faces in them, or a popular celebrity, and we’d all have a laugh. WELL IT’S BACK. Except this time, it has a whole lot of Eddie Lack.


I won’t lie, seeing Eddie Lack sing “It’s all about that bass” brings me far too much joy. Also, yes, there are two Radim Vrbatas in the video, a happy one, and an angry, about to kill anything that moves one. I also felt it would be therapeutic for coach Willie D and Zack Kassian to have some time together, to hopefully bond over this video. Basically this just felt like the right way to kick off the next month of the “Eddie Lack Era”, and I won’t hear otherwise.

Also, try and stop humming this song as Eddie Lack plays in net tonight now. It’s impossible.


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