11 pictures showing what happens when winter hits Vancouver


Winter weather on the west coast really does a number on us.

This one’s for you, Toronto!

The only wind we need to worry about is the wind in our sails


We always need to walk with caution to avoid stepping on a budding crocus



It’s never too cold for ice cream on the sea wall


Perfect day to try #earnesticecream for the first time #vancouver #olympicvillage #sunnyday #blogger #innerfatgirl A photo posted by Beauty. Fashion. Life. (@thatgirlvenus) on

The coastal fronts really do a number on our spirits


The weather really impedes our ability to get into work


I think the worst has passed us #vancouver A photo posted by Jill Slattery (@jslatz) on

It’s always a nice day for a boat ride


Evening on the water. #vancouver#kitsilano#englishbay#water#boats A photo posted by Soap McT (@xxxsuperkamiguruxxx) on

A quick trip to Honolulu – sorry, English Bay – is all in a day’s work


Don’t even try to get up the mountains, the severe weather has done major damage


Sick runs today, bruh #nat #globalwarming A photo posted by @c_mille on

It’s hard to see what the ground looks like anymore through all these flowers



We save money on snow tires and spend it on kayaks


#TheGreatOutdoors A photo posted by Ali (@ali.arbeau) on

The only whining we’re doing is on the beach


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