New light installation at Festival of Lights puts your voice to work

Van Dusen Festival of Lights by Sonika Arora_DSC9962-1-2

A new light attraction at the Festival of Lights in VanDusen Garden lets visitors create a light display with their voices.

The “Voicebergs”, a floating light installation at the Garden’s Livingstone Lake works by turning sounds into light. People can shout into a tin can next to the lake and a cable moves the sound waves onto the lake and into the Voicebergs. Both the Voicebergs and the cable light up when the sound waves reach them.

The installation was designed by Ben Z. Cooper and Stuart James W. from Vancouver-based Hfour, a multi-sensory experiential design company.

Both kids and adults have been enthralled with this magical project. The intention was to recreate the sense of joy and wonder felt around Christmas time.

If you’re intrigued, you can check out the installation at VanDusen Botanical Garden any day until January 4. What can you expect to find? Check out this video from Hfour showing off the cool effects of the Voicebergs.

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