Last Minute Gift Guide: Men's accessories

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If you’re scrambling to find something for that special guy in your life, here’s some of our favourites!

If you’re shopping for an acquaintance or co-worker, gifts such as this minimalistic S’Well stainless steel water bottle or these cheeky hashtag calling cards are effortless and affordable gifts. If you’re looking for more of a statement gift, I love the Mon Oncle portable grill (which is a great buy during any time of the year), and the Tivoli Audio clock radio.

Men's Holiday Accessory Gift Guide

By Victoria Potter

Tasteful gifts for the guys in our lives.

  • Public Supply Notebook Gift Set

    By Victoria Potter

    Not everything can be tapped into an iPhone, and some fellows prefer sketching out letters and illustrations with an old fashioned pencil and notebook.

  • Hashtag Calling Cards

    By Victoria Potter

    For the man that loves a cheeky networking tool, these little hashtag calling cards are a lovely little gift.

  • Mon Oncle Portable BBQ

    By Victoria Potter

    This may seem like a funny option for a Winter holiday gift, but trust me, your guys is just going to see steaks grilling stars, and will be counting down the days until the frost lifts.

  • S'Well Water Bottle

    By Victoria Potter

    These are the slickest water bottles you'll find on the East or West Coast. 

  • Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

    By Victoria Potter

    For guys (or gals) that like to have their bottle poppers incognito, this brass skeleton key opener is the perfect gift.

  • Faribault Woolen Mills NYC Blanket

    By Victoria Potter

    You can stick with the Canadiana of buffalo check or plaid blankets, but my favourite is this ilustration of Manhattan.

  • Rinkumo Binchotan Charcoal

    By Victoria Potter

    This may seem like a weird one, but activated charcoal can be used to purify skin, enhance circulation in a hot bath, and some say, when ingested, can cure a hangover.

  • Tivoli Audio

    By Victoria Potter

    Minimalistic and retro in a single package. Perfect for function, and just for looking good.

  • Baxter Safety Razor

    By Victoria Potter

    Keep your guy shaved with a vintage looking straight razor. Let's call this a shiny the anti-beard solution.


Feature image: Mens accessories via Shutterstock

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