Watch VPD capture man who allegedly threatened to kill cops (VIDEO)


A video posted on YouTube shows a confrontation between Vancouver Police and a man who allegedly said he wanted to kill an officer.

The incident took place Sunday inside the Pacific Centre Mall in the corridor adjacent to the Purdy’s chocolate shop.

The unidentified male suspect is seen on the ground, with a red light pinpointed on his face, surrounded by officers.

The suspect reportedly called 9-1-1 saying he wanted to kill police, according to Global.

During the takedown at the mall, police ascertain if the suspect has any weapons, and ask him to clarify how he intended to kill any officer. The suspect seems to indicate he’d use “fists.”

The man was successfully apprehended under the Mental Health Act, however the VPD are not saying if they intend to pursue charges against the man.

Ed. note: 2:30 p.m.: The VPD is aware of this “video that is publicly available,” and has provided basic background information about the incident. VPD spokesman Constable Brian Montague told Vancity Buzz the police believe the “video is of quite poor quality” and insufficient to identify the man. The VPD says they “talk about the number of Mental Health Act arrests [they] make quite freely,” but do not name those individuals. In regards to privacy, Montague says “when you’re in a public place your expectation of privacy is really quite low.”

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