"Free" pot promo aims to make medical marijuana mainstream

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A new Vancouver medical marijuana dispensary is making headlines for their “free” pot promo.

Marpole’s Erbachay Health Centers dispensary has been distributing business cards around Metro Vancouver advertising “free premium cannabis.”

The “free” part is really more like a “gift with purchase.” The clinic’s owner, Darcy Delainey, explained to CBC Vancouver that “to qualify, people have to be 19 or older and have a doctor’s note or prescription,” and, additionally, they’ll need to make a $30 store purchase in order to receive one gram of “one of the cannabis products” in stock.

10,000 of the coupons have been distributed, according to CTV Vancouver.

Among the busy areas where car windshields have been adorned with the promo card is Richmond’s Lansdowne Centre Mall. The Richmond RCMP, however, says they’ve taken no complaints about the ad, and that it is not a crime for the business to hand out the cards in public.

Erbachay Health Centers dispensary (Erbachay Health Centers Inc. via Facebook)

Delainey says his boutique-style dispensary and this eye-catching promotion are part of what he hopes will show the public that medical marijuana can be “mainstream.”

Among the amenities Erbachay offers its clients is an onsite doctor for diagnosis and prescription, or the option to book a Facetime video telephone appointment for medical evaluation.

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